4,44 stolik

zdjęcie stolika "4,44" onoMono
zdjęcie stolika "4,44" onoMono
Geometric coffee table with an interesting feature to almost any interior. The history of the prototype: Frame table was supposed to be scrapped after changing the arrangement of the store, but fortunately fell into the hands of designers onoMono. After cutting the legs, grinding, adding new refined windows, and above all, giving it a new function by attaching steel wire used to hang on the books and magazines they gained glow of freshness and uniqueness.


The table is made of stainless steel, with a tempered glass top with a circular hole cut out to allow for grasping the glass in order to improve. Lower glass mirror coated with a silver-colored Venetian. Steel wires attached at the top of the table allow them suspended on newspapers, magazines or books, which are reflected in the lower surface of the mirror creating an interesting visual effect. Table has a small lock wheels.
Design: Paul Chołodowski / onoMono


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  • Lodz, Kasprzaka 6, living room furniture Exclusive Empire