The idea of creating onoMono derives from the world of fashion and its creators’  ecological attitude towards life. The main pillar of onoMono is Monika Onoszko, a longstanding fashion designer who, for over 15 years, worked for the fashion industry, designing commercial collections, styling photographic sessions, creating her own collections as well as theatrical costumes and scenographies. Now she decided to transfer those years of experience into the field of matching colours, fabrics and textures, onto a completely different ground, creating a unique combination of fashion and design with its specific character full of extravagance and vivid colours.

The unique character of the onoMono collection is also a result of the experiences Monika acquired in the Japanese fashion Institute - Onoe, where, as the only student from Europe, she was initiated into the art of designing kimonos. Not only did it enrich her knowledge about combining unusual Japanese patterns, the symbolism of colours and motifs, as well as unique ways of hand-made trimming, but it also became a source of endless inspiration.

However, these are not the only connections that onoMono has with the world of fashion. The main designer being close to the fashion industry for so long, too often has seen how many things worth attention were wasted. All the faulty fabrics, tapes, strings, pattern samples or spools, dozens of which happened to be useless after each season. They became inspiration to create extraordinary products which would positively influence the environment by limiting its frivolous pollution.

Monika’s longstanding journalistic experience is also of great importance. For many years she has attended all the most significant fashion and design fairs in the world. She uses the collected observations to write articles and to conduct seminars on fashion trends two years ahead. She advises how to prepare products in the field of fashion and practical design to meet the demands of clients. Thanks to the co-operation with the fashion industry, currently onoMono deals with designing, production, and sale of furniture and interior accessories produced on the basis of fashion fabrics. The flagship onoMono products are upholstered furniture, of which each one has its own unique character. The interior accessories are also closely related to the fabrics, although not always directly, sometimes they just appear as a pattern on ceramics or a background of a picture.